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Optoelectronic Properties and Raman Spectra of Layered TaWSe2 Ternary Alloys

dc.contributor.advisorXu, Yaqiong
dc.contributor.advisorZhang, Enxia
dc.creatorSun, Xin 2021
dc.description.abstractIn search of strong photodetection and multifunctional devices, this work focuses on exploring the optical and electrical properties of the alloyed 2D material TaWSe2. This new alloy material has not been investigated in its bulk or few-layer form. A TaWSe2 crystal is exfoliated into few-layers and then fabricated into an optoelectronic device using an electrode transfer method. The Raman spectra data of TaWSe2 flakes shows similar Raman signatures to WSe2 and 2H-TaSe2 and may have similar vibrations modes. Furthermore, strong photocurrent responses were observed at the TaWSe2-metal junction with a nearly linear photocurrent-power dependence. Moreover, electrical measurements show temperature dependent resistance properties suggesting metallic characteristics and potentially a new phase transition property. Therefore, this work presents that TaWSe2 may inherit properties from its components and shows a solid potential for apply 2D materials alloys in optoelectronic devices.
dc.subject2D material
dc.titleOptoelectronic Properties and Raman Spectra of Layered TaWSe2 Ternary Alloys
dc.type.materialtext Engineering University Graduate School

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