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Examination of a mouse model lacking the engulfment receptor Jedi

dc.contributor.advisorHiebert, Scott W.
dc.contributor.advisorCarter, Bruce D.
dc.creatorTrevisan, Alexandra J. 2020
dc.description.abstractThe dorsal root ganglia (DRG) house the primary afferent neurons responsible for somatosensation, including pain. We previously identified Jedi-1 (PEAR1/MEGF12) as a phagocytic receptor expressed by satellite glia in the DRG involved in clearing apoptotic neurons during development. Here, we further investigated the function of this receptor in vivo using Jedi-1 null mice. In addition to satellite glia, we found Jedi-1 expression in perineurial glia and endothelial cells, but not in sensory neurons. We did not detect any morphological or functional changes in the glial cells or vasculature of Jedi-1 knockout mice. Surprisingly, we did observe changes in DRG neuron activity. In neurons from Jedi-1 knockout (KO) mice, there was an increase in the fraction of capsaicin-sensitive cells relative to wild type (WT) controls. Patch-clamp electrophysiology revealed an increase in excitability, with a shift from phasic to tonic action potential firing patterns in KO neurons. We also found alterations in the properties of voltage-gated sodium channel currents in Jedi-1 null neurons. These results provide new insight into the expression pattern of Jedi-1 in the peripheral nervous system and indicate that loss of Jedi-1 alters DRG neuron activity indirectly through an intercellular interaction between non-neuronal cells and sensory neurons.
dc.subjectSomatosensation, Jedi, Pain, Pruritus, Phagocytosis, Dorsal root ganglia
dc.titleExamination of a mouse model lacking the engulfment receptor Jedi
dc.type.materialtext University Graduate School

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