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Multilayer Flat Optics

dc.contributor.advisorValentine, Jason Gage
dc.creatorZhou, You 2020
dc.description.abstractOptical metasurfaces have emerged as an attractive platform for manipulating the wavefront of light based on thin film flat optics. Despite their design degrees of freedom, the functionalities that can be encoded on a single metasurface are still limited. Here, I present my efforts to expand the functionality of metasurfaces by developing multilayer flat optics. I first explore the multilayer platform for independent phase modulation at multiple wavelengths, enabling the realization of multiwavelength metalenses and spectral splitters. I will demonstrate how expanding the platform can be used to independently control multiple optical properties, enabling various types of multifunctional metaoptics. Finally, I will demonstrate compound image processing systems that can perform the optical analogue of the Laplace operation. This system has applications in biological imaging and computer vision due to the fast computing speed and low power consumption.
dc.subjectFlat optics
dc.titleMultilayer Flat Optics
dc.type.materialtext Materials Science University Graduate School

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