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Measuring Engagement as a Moderator within an Expressive Writing Intervention for Smokers

dc.creatorStone, Jamie Lee
dc.description.abstractThis study explored engagement as a possible moderator of expressive writing within a sample of current cigarette smokers. Engagement was defined as a cognitive and emotional investment in the writing sessions and was measured subjectively by a 3-item self-report scale. Constructs within engagement were objectively measured via Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count (LIWC). Subjective engagement (SE) was correlated with LIWC sub-dictionaries Cognitive Mechanisms (r = .34, p = .002), Insight (r = .44, p < .001), Causal (r = .25, p = .021), and Negative Emotion (r = .45, p < .001). No association between SE and change in cigarette consumption was found, but change in smoking cessation self-efficacy (SCSE) was significantly correlated with mean SE (r = .32, p = .040 and r = -.35, p = .033, for expressive and control writing conditions, respectively). Because SCSE has previously been found to have a positive correlation with decreased cigarette consumption, a moderated multiple regression was run and found SE to be a moderator of writing condition’s effect upon SCSE. The results of this study show promise that SE may be a moderator within the mechanism of expressive writing and that the measurement of SE may aide in the optimization of the intervention.
dc.subjectExpressive Writing
dc.subjectWritten communication -- Therapeutic use
dc.titleMeasuring Engagement as a Moderator within an Expressive Writing Intervention for Smokers
dc.contributor.committeeMemberDavid Schlundt
dc.contributor.committeeMemberKen Wallston
dc.contributor.committeeMemberDavid Zald
dc.contributor.committeeMemberPamel Fishel Ingram
dc.type.materialtext University

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