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Anticipation of Legacy System Supply Chain Risks: A Comparative Study of Decision Maker Perspectives

dc.creatorMaggart, Stephen Perry
dc.description.abstractAs systems age and require new efforts for revitalization, the original supply chain faces risks that once were not an issue. The supply chain for a legacy system can diminish over time as factors such as new technologies, economic shifts and global considerations redirect suppliers. This study examines the potential level misalignment between engineers, who develop legacy system supply chain strategies, and managers who oversee the function of these systems. A two part survey, assessing the risk of a legacy supply chain, compares the responses of 331 engineers with 203 upper managers, all of who are associated with systems engineering. Despite the potential for functional misalignment among engineers and managers, we found few statistically significant differences of perceptions of supply chain risks. There were, however, notable differences in views concerning the necessary level of supplier assistance and ethical standards.
dc.subjectsystems engineering
dc.subjectsupply chain management
dc.subjectfunctional misalignment
dc.subjectlegacy systems
dc.subjectrisk mitigation
dc.subjectProduct management -- Decision making
dc.subjectBusiness logistics -- Decision making
dc.subjectRisk management
dc.titleAnticipation of Legacy System Supply Chain Risks: A Comparative Study of Decision Maker Perspectives
dc.contributor.committeeMemberDr. William Mahaffey
dc.type.materialtext of Technology University
dc.contributor.committeeChairDr. David Dilts

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