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Information technology implementation: what works and what does not

dc.creatorStatnikova, Kristina N
dc.description.abstractThis research explores the process of information system (IS) failure to understand how various organizational, users, technology, and implementation factors influence IS acceptance. The topic of IS implementation is particularly essential to the field of IS research because of the high propensity of IS implementation projects for failure. Although researchers have generated numerous theories and models that examine the effect of a wide range of factors on implementation success, the research on IS implementation and acceptance still remains fragmented and no unified view of IS implementation has been widely adopted (Larsen, 2003). An alternative model that aids in exploring IS implementation was developed. The model utilizes initiation, adoption, adaptation, and acceptance stages of Kwon and Zmud’s (1987) model of Information Technology implementation as a framework and adds to it factors that previous research on IS implementation showed important to consider. The proposed model was evaluated by analyzing quantitative and qualitative data from the case of a failed implementation of a computerized Clinic Documentation System (CDS) in a large teaching hospital. Organizational environment and user characteristics; strong management commitment and support; extensive planning of the implementation as a change process and not as a technology deployment are shown to be major influencing factors in the IS implementation outcome. Finally, this research shows that individual user’s assessment of technology advantages and compatibility with existing work practices influence user’s acceptance decisions.
dc.subjectinformation system implementation failure
dc.subjectimplementation model
dc.titleInformation technology implementation: what works and what does not
dc.type.materialtext of Technology University
dc.contributor.committeeChairDavid Dilts
dc.contributor.committeeChairKenneth Pence

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