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Haptic Interface Control Design for Performance and Stability Robustness

dc.creatorSirithanapipat, Taweedej
dc.description.abstractA method to enhance the performance and stability of haptic interfaces is addressed. This research approaches the control of haptic interfaces using classical control techniques, addressing both the performance and stability from a frequency domain perspective. Using linear time invariant models for the human and haptic interfaces, a controller is designed to enhance both the performance and stability robustness of the system. By approaching the control design in the frequency domain, stability can be addressed at the gain crossover frequency only and the rest of the frequency space can be used to address performance. The proposed approach is experimentally compared to other approaches on a 3 DOF haptic interface.
dc.subjectHaptic control design
dc.subjecthaptic performance and stability robustness
dc.titleHaptic Interface Control Design for Performance and Stability Robustness
dc.contributor.committeeMemberProf. Nilanjan Sarkar
dc.contributor.committeeMemberProf. Kenneth D. Frampton
dc.contributor.committeeMemberProf. Alvin M. Strauss
dc.contributor.committeeMemberProf. George E. Cook
dc.type.materialtext Engineering University
dc.contributor.committeeChairProf. Michael Goldfarb

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