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Effects of Music on Gait Presented Emotion Perception

dc.contributor.advisorPark, Sohee
dc.contributor.authorHarvey, Kamyl
dc.description.abstractResearch on embodied emotions suggests that our ability to simulate bodily emotions enables us to better understand others’ emotions. Music has been shown to influence emotion processing, and music therapy is effective in improving social functioning. In this study, we explored the potential impact of emotional music on the processing of visual, whole-body, social cues. It was expected that listening to happy music would facilitate the visual perception of happy gait whereas listening to angry music would facilitate the perception of angry gait. Furthermore, it was hypothesized that for neutral gait stimuli, the current mood state of the participant would bias the participant to ‘perceive’ emotion in the neutral stimuli in the non-music group. Fifty-six healthy participants were randomly assigned to three-music manipulation conditions happy music, angry music, or no music. The emotional gait perception task involved viewing a mannequin walker and deciding whether the walker looked happy or angry. Three types of gaits were presented: happy, angry, or neutral (no emotion). Mood and personality traits of the participants were assessed with self-report questionnaires. The results indicate that regardless of music manipulation, all groups were more accurate in detecting happy gait. Congruence of the valence of music and the valence of the gait stimuli did not influence the accuracy on the gait perception. There were no significant correlations between gait perception and mood or personality traits. Suggestions for a future study are described.en_US
dc.description.sponsorshipThesis completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Honors Program in Psychological Sciences under the mentorship of Dr. Sohee Park.en_US
dc.publisherVanderbilt Universityen_US
dc.subjectEmotion Recognitionen_US
dc.subjectSchizotypal traitsen_US
dc.subjectMusical Mood Inductionen_US
dc.subject.lcshSocial perceptionen_US
dc.subject.lcshGait in humansen_US
dc.subject.lcshMusic -- Psychological aspectsen_US
dc.titleEffects of Music on Gait Presented Emotion Perceptionen_US
dc.description.collegeCollege of Arts and Scienceen_US
dc.description.schoolVanderbilt Universityen_US

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