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Social feedback study

dc.contributor.authorEarll, Claire
dc.descriptionHonors thesis completed under the direction of Prof. David Schlundt and Craig Smith.en
dc.description.abstractThe mother-daughter relationship is a very complex and personal experience for young females. How this relationship effects the development of body image issues is what we tried to assess in our experiment. In this experiment, we attempted to assess the impact of negative feedback on a young woman's self esteem. Self esteem was assessed in our study after four separate videos were randomly assigned for participants to watch prior to completing self esteem questionnaires. Two of the videos were concerning body image and weight gain and two were concerning intellectual self esteem and academic failure. 82 participants were tested in the study and significant results were found in self esteem data indicating that negative weight feedback more negatively impacted general self esteem than grade feedback, peer feedback more negatively impacted emotional stability than mother feedback and peer weight feedback more negatively impacted same-sex relationship confidence than the other three conditions.en
dc.publisherVanderbilt University
dc.subjectMother-daughter relationshipen
dc.subjectBody imageen
dc.subject.lcshMothers and daughtersen
dc.subject.lcshBody image in adolescenceen
dc.subject.lcshSelf-esteem in adolescenceen
dc.subject.lcshFeedback (Psychology)en
dc.titleSocial feedback studyen
dc.description.collegeCollege of Arts & Science

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