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English Language Learners Capstone Portfolio: Yu Tian, Spring 2018

dc.contributor.advisorPray, Lisa
dc.contributor.authorTian, Yu
dc.descriptionTeaching and Learning Department capstone projecten_US
dc.description.abstractThis ELL Portfolio illustrates my knowledge and practice in teaching English writing to English Language Learners (ELLs) through the description and analysis of the artifacts that I have accomplished during my M.Ed. studies in the ELL program at Peabody College. These artifacts demonstrate my competence according to TESOL standards, my current philosophy of ELL writing instruction, and an unswerving determination to stride forward in a lifelong profession of writing instruction and research in ESL/EFL context. This portfolio is comprised of three parts: 1) my philosophy of teaching writing, 2) description and analysis of the artifacts against the TESOL standards for ESL/EFL teachers, 3) application to practice. In the first part, I take both cognitive and social constructionist views about writing instruction, and discuss how these two dichotomous approaches can complement each other in teaching writing to ELL students. In the second part, I present my understanding of the TESOL standards, describing and analyzing the artifacts I have created during my studies in ELL program and demonstrating my professional knowledge in each domain. A special effort is made here to display how these standards can be accomplished in ELL writing instruction via the analysis of the artifacts. In the third part, I reflect upon the efforts I have devoted to ELL writing instruction and research during my 2 years of study in the ELL program and envision my professional development after graduation from Vanderbilt University. In particular, I identify potential challenges in ELL writing instruction and discuss how I will overcome these challenges in my future teaching. Taking away what I have learned in ELL program, I present a vision of my future career as an ELL writing instructor and researcher.en_US
dc.publisherVanderbilt University. Peabody Collegeen_US
dc.subjectEnglish Language Learnersen_US
dc.titleEnglish Language Learners Capstone Portfolio: Yu Tian, Spring 2018en_US
dc.description.collegePeabody College of Education and Human Developmenten_US
dc.description.departmentDepartment of Teaching and Learningen_US

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