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Motivation in Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Game Based Learning: Why Am I Learning This?

dc.contributor.advisorSelf, Elizabeth
dc.contributor.authorVang, Rachelle N.
dc.descriptionTeaching and Learning Department capstone project that focuses on how Game Based Learning can better motivate students rather than an Intelligent Tutoring System. EDUC 7992: Capstone Seminar: Self, Elizabethen_US
dc.description.abstractThis paper discusses how Game Based Learning (GBL) provides a more collaborative learning experience while integrating Intelligent Tutoring Systems (ITS) features. First the paper discussion of the advantages of collaborative learning environment in a middle school environment and how it creates higher motivation in students. Then the paper will discuss the basic structure of ITS systems and how it measures motivation of students. Afterwards, the paper will discuss GBL, and how it motivates students and create a collaborative environment. Examples in this paper pulls from multiple ITS designs such as Andy’s Tutor for a physics problem and Lynnette for a math classroom. GBL designs such as The Frequency 1550, a game design around the use of mobile device to learn about the history of Amsterdam. There is a future suggestion of how an English literature class studying the theme of tragedy can be designed using the game Final Fantasy XV as a model to create a GBL experience. The paper wraps up by reiterating the concept that GBL can create an environment where students can receive the educational learning support they need while being motivated to learn the material.en_US
dc.publisherVanderbilt University. Peabody Collegeen_US
dc.subjectGame Based Learningen_US
dc.subjectIntelligent Tutoring Systemsen_US
dc.subjectVirtual Learningen_US
dc.titleMotivation in Intelligent Tutoring Systems and Game Based Learning: Why Am I Learning This?en_US
dc.description.collegePeabody College of Education and Human Developmenten_US
dc.description.departmentDepartment of Teaching and Learningen_US

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