GEIST Undergraduate Journal of Philosophy - The open campus, peer-reviewed philosophy journal of Vanderbilt University.

    Mission Statement: The purpose of Geist is to offer undergraduate students a unique opportunity to engage in a normally exclusive dimension of academia - the production and publication of scholarly literature. GEIST seeks to foster rigorous philosophical research as well as providing a forum for academic critique and discussion.

    The journal was founded in Fall 2008 at Vanderbilt University, and continues to be housed and published at the university with the assistance of the Department of Philosophy (although many other administrators and academic departments function as collaborators). It is, at the moment, an annual publication with both an online and a hardcopy version. GEIST is an open-campus journal, and invites submissions from undergraduate students all over the english-speaking world.

Recent Submissions

  • Cunningham, Daniel; Sims, Anna; Katsevman, Gennadiy; Yuan, Ann; Yu, Andy (Vanderbilt University. Dept. of Philosophy, 2010-04-25)
  • Duong, Kevin; Cunningham, Daniel; Wermcrantz, Brian; Powell, Eric; Bailey, Spencer; Wheatley, Wade (Vanderbilt University. Dept. of Philosophy, 2009-05)