The Philosophy Department at Vanderbilt University offers BA and PhD degrees. Faculty research spans the major areas of philosophical inquiry and reflects a variety of methodological and metaphilosophical commitments; this breadth is represented in the Department’s course offerings. The Department hosts a regular Philosophy Colloquium and a Social and Political Thought Workshop, both of which bring distinguished philosophers from around the world to Vanderbilt. Informal reading groups and workshops are organized by graduate students and often involve participation from students and faculty alike. Every student admitted to our PhD Program receives full funding, and our program is designed to be completed in five years. Recent placement data can be found here.

Address: Philosophy Department
Vanderbilt University
111 Furman Hall
Nashville TN 37240
Phone: 615-322-2637
Fax: 615-343-7259
Email: Philosophy@vanderbilt.eduu
Website: Department of Philosophy

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Recent Submissions

  • Cunningham, Daniel; Sims, Anna; Katsevman, Gennadiy; Yuan, Ann; Yu, Andy (Vanderbilt University. Dept. of Philosophy, 2010-04-25)
  • Duong, Kevin; Cunningham, Daniel; Wermcrantz, Brian; Powell, Eric; Bailey, Spencer; Wheatley, Wade (Vanderbilt University. Dept. of Philosophy, 2009-05)