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An Examination of Lynn University's Integrated Co-Curricular Transcript

dc.contributor.authorAbdalla, Mohamed
dc.descriptionLeadership and Learning in Organizations capstone project
dc.description.abstractIn 2019, recognizing the critical need for higher education institutions to prepare students for their careers and productive life after college, Lynn University implemented a Co-Curricular Transcript (CCT) program. Adapted from and aligned with the NACE competencies, Lynn's CCT program helps to prepare undergraduate and graduate students for the workforce by offering co-curricular learning opportunities for three core competencies and related skills: self-discovery, critical thinking, and global citizenship. Completion of these activities is then recognized on the student's transcript. Due to lower than expected participation this study was initiated to investigates the Lynn University students' participation in the CCT program and make recommendations on how Lynn University may improve the implementation and operation of its co-curricular transcript program to engage more students. Recommendations for the CCT program at Lynn are grounded in a counseling model that seeks to guide students through critical transitions in college. The model incorporates analysis of students' situations, social support, personal characteristics, and the extent to which they have developed strategies for coping with change. This project utilized a mixed-methods design that included document analysis of Lynn University materials about the CCT, Lynn University CCT participation and skill level attainment data, and a survey of Lynn students assessing their perceptions of the CCT program. Findings show that there is wide variation in participation. Furthermore, the variation in participation seems to coincide with critical touchpoints in college life—the initial transition to college and the transition to work. Recommendations are directed at improved communication with students about the connection between CCT and their readiness for careers, improving campus-wide support of the program among faculty and staff, and outreach and promotion to employers through the university's career center.
dc.subjectCo-Curricular Transcript
dc.subjectStudent Engagement
dc.subjectSoft Skill Development
dc.subjectStudent Involvement
dc.subjectOutside classroom
dc.titleAn Examination of Lynn University's Integrated Co-Curricular Transcript

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