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Building Better Engagement: Making Organizations Feel More Human

dc.contributor.authorSteele, Katherine
dc.contributor.authorDettorre, Joy
dc.descriptionLeadership and Learning in Organizations capstone project
dc.description.abstractHealthco (a pseudonym) is a national not-for-profit healthcare organization with nearly 4,000 employees providing community-based mental health care across nine regional locations throughout six states. A review of Healthco's recent employee engagement survey revealed a 22-point gap in engagement ratings below the industry benchmark and an 11.5-point decrease in employee experience scores from the previous year. This research uses quantitative data and relevant literature to uncover factors contributing to engagement. The study findings uncovered opportunities to bolster employee engagement at Healthco through implementing organizational change efforts designed to increase organizational trust and inclusion.
dc.subjectorganizational trust
dc.subjectinclusive leadership
dc.subjectflexible work environments
dc.titleBuilding Better Engagement: Making Organizations Feel More Human

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