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Leveraging Motivation, Social Connection, and Reflection to Apply New Learning

dc.contributor.authorNevins, Laura
dc.contributor.authorPatranella, Frank
dc.descriptionLeadership and Learning in Organizations capstone project
dc.description.abstractThis quality improvement project was completed in collaboration with Earnest Journey, an organization focused on providing leadership training to novice and experienced leaders in various industries through coaching, custom leadership training workshops, and Dare to Lead, a pre-programmed workshop. Earnest Journey is committed to ensuring that their leadership development workshops provide value and impact for clients. Discussions with the founder of Earnest Journey unveiled a need for the company to understand the effectiveness of its workshops at helping participants apply new learning in the short and long term. This study approached Earnest Journey's problem of practice by exploring literature on adult learning. Observations of two separate Dare to Lead workshops, surveys and interviews of workshop participants, and an extended examination of literature revealed eight findings connected to motivation, social connection, and reflection. Based upon the findings, five recommendations have been developed to share with Earnest Journey to ensure that learning from the Dare to Lead workshops is applied in both the short and long term - providing value for clients.
dc.subjectAdult Learning
dc.subjectSocial Connection
dc.titleLeveraging Motivation, Social Connection, and Reflection to Apply New Learning

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