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Early Intervention: Natural Environment Practices Through Coaching

dc.contributor.authorMurphy, Erin M.
dc.description.abstractThis exploratory study examines natural environment practices through a coaching service delivery method. The focal organization, REACH Therapy, is an Early Intervention provider in southeast Pennsylvania. Two distinct bodies of research informed this work: natural environment practices and coaching. First, literature related to natural environment practices defines what Early Intervention sessions should entail. Then, the theory around coaching contextualizes how therapy services are delivered. The data collection and analysis took place in three phases. Four key findings and two recommendations are presented to REACH Therapy for consideration.en_US
dc.subjectearly childhood therapyen_US
dc.subjectearly intervention service deliveryen_US
dc.subjectparticipation based therapyen_US
dc.titleEarly Intervention: Natural Environment Practices Through Coachingen_US

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