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Understanding Outreach and Engagement among Underrepresented Fulbright Association Alumni

dc.contributor.authorMeeks, Matthew
dc.contributor.authorParenti, James V.
dc.description.abstract"This capstone sought to answer the following problem of practice: How can the Fulbright Association increase engagement within their alumni organization, and particularly among underrepresented Fulbright alumni? The principal site for this study was the Fulbright Association, which serves as the official U.S. alumni organization of the Fulbright study abroad program. Using a qualitative research approach, we conducted semi-structured interviews with eight underrepresented Fulbright members, two Fulbright Association leaders, and three outside experts in the field of alumni relations. The intent of the research was to identify both the challenges limiting engagement by Fulbright Alumni members and the opportunities to increase engagement within the Association, particularly among underrepresented Fulbright alumni. The eight underrepresented Fulbright alumni described engagement specifically in terms of connection (Finding 1). The alumni described their engagement as being affirmed as underrepresented (Finding 2). They also described engagement as occurring by asserting themselves to gain leadership positions within local Fulbright chapters and experiencing community through Fulbright affinity groups (Finding 3). For our second research question addressing what the Association can do to increase alumni engagement among underrepresented alumni, the underrepresented Fulbright alumni suggested the Association could improve its data collection efforts to generate informed communication, programming, and outreach efforts (Finding 4). Next, both underrepresented Fulbright alumni and outside alumni experts expressed strong support for implementing career-oriented guidance and mentoring programs (Finding 5) as well as affinity programs (Finding 6) to improve alumni engagement and overall Association outreach (Finding 7). "en_US
dc.subjectAlumni Engagementen_US
dc.subjectUnderrepresented alumnien_US
dc.subjectIncreasing engagementen_US
dc.subjectStudy abroaden_US
dc.titleUnderstanding Outreach and Engagement among Underrepresented Fulbright Association Alumnien_US

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