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Theorizing Identity Harm as a Barrier to Clergy Well-being

dc.contributor.authorCook, Randy
dc.descriptionGraduate thesis in partial fulfillment of the requirements for a Masters in Theological Studiesen_US
dc.description.abstractClergy experience poor well-being. In addition to difficult job conditions and inadequate training, the work itself causes harm to the Self. This project theorizes how this harm occurs. This project also proposes a prescription for each minister: Find, or create, a place in your life where you are safe enough that you are compelled to be open, with others, about who you really are." Joining a Clergy Peer Group is a systemic way of creating the needed space for restoring from Identity Harm. The project includes selected resources for creating a Clergy Peer Group.en_US
dc.subjectClergy Well-beingen_US
dc.subjectObject Relations Theoryen_US
dc.subjectClergy Peer Groupsen_US
dc.subjectIdentity Harmen_US
dc.titleTheorizing Identity Harm as a Barrier to Clergy Well-beingen_US

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