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IT Governance and Innovation: Driving Innovation in Higher Education

dc.contributor.authorNicome, Damico S.
dc.descriptionLeadership and Learning in Organizations capstone project
dc.description.abstractThe literature on IT Governance (ITG) suggests that it is a critical success factor to modern day institutions and drives innovation when used effectively. Effective ITG is a key step in transforming universities steeped in tradition into one that is ahead of the technology curve. This study examined the role ITG played in encouraging or hindering innovation at a Midwestern, regional university in the United States. The paper includes a literature review of the research surrounding ITG frameworks and their relevance to innovation in higher education. The review begins with a discussion on what is considered innovation and is followed by a brief history of the role played by institutions of higher education to advance innovation. The review then explores the relationship between ITG and innovation and several maturity models available to assess an organization’s ITG maturity. Finally, the literature review discusses the characteristics of effective ITG in an academic setting. Academic institutions can adapt the artifacts from this study to assess the state of the ITG function and deepen their understanding of the institutional mechanisms that facilitate or hinder innovation. The data generated from the study can be used to create a customized implementation roadmap and ITG model that conduces innovation within the context of their institution. The paper also provides the foundation for future research into ITG mechanisms that support technology adoption and innovation in higher education. The paper ends with some practical recommendations that can aid innovation within the context of the institution under study.
dc.subjectIT Governance
dc.subjectHigher Education
dc.subjectIT Governance Maturity
dc.subjectIT Governance Effectiveness
dc.titleIT Governance and Innovation: Driving Innovation in Higher Education

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