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Countermanding Perceptual Decision-Making

dc.contributor.authorMiddlebrooks, Paul G.
dc.contributor.authorZandbelt, Bram B.
dc.contributor.authorLogan, Gordon D.
dc.contributor.authorPalmeri, Thomas J.
dc.contributor.authorSchall, Jeffrey D.
dc.identifier.citationMiddlebrooks et al., iScience 23, 100777 January 24, 2020 ª 2019 The Author(s). j.isci.2019.100777en_US
dc.identifier.othereISSN: 2589-0042
dc.description.abstractWe investigated whether a task requiring concurrent perceptual decision-making and response control can be performed concurrently, whether evidence accumulation and response control are accomplished by the same neurons, and whether perceptual decision-making and countermanding can be unified computationally. Based on neural recordings in a prefrontal area of macaque monkeys, we present behavioral, neural, and computational results demonstrating that perceptual decision-making of varying difficulty can be countermanded efficiently, that single prefrontal neurons instantiate both evidence accumulation and response control, and that an interactive race between stochastic GO evidence accumulators for each alternative and a distinct STOP accumulator fits countermanding choice behavior and replicates neural trajectories. Thus, perceptual decision-making and response control, previously regarded as distinct mechanisms, are actually aspects of a common neuro-computational mechanism supporting flexible behavior. Keywordsen_US
dc.description.sponsorshipThis work was supported by F32-EY023526, R01-MH55806, R01-EY021833, P30-EY008126, U54-HD083211, and by the NIH grant is S10-OD023680 supporting the Vanderbilt University Advanced Computing Center for Research and Education, and by Robin and Richard Patton through the E. Bronson Ingram Chair in Neuroscience. We thank J. Elsey M. Feurtado, M. Maddox, S. Motorny, J. Parker, M. Schall, and L. Toy for animal care and other technical assistance. Request for materials should be addressed to J.D.S. (e-mail:
dc.rightsiScience 23, 100777, January 24, 2020 ª 2019 The Author(s). This is an open access article under the CC BY-NC-ND license (
dc.titleCountermanding Perceptual Decision-Makingen_US

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