Recent Submissions

  • Gale, Margie (Vanderbilt University, 2011-10-21)
  • Early-Zald, Mary (Vanderbilt University, 2011-08-26)
  • Topham, Ralph; Early-Zald, Mary (Vanderbilt University, 2011-07-29)
  • Topham, Ralph; Dean, Stephanie (Vanderbilt University, 2011-06-03)
  • Topham, Ralph; Ragan, Paul W. (Vanderbilt University, 2011-04-29)
  • Brown, Pam (Vanderbilt University, 2011-03-11)
  • Bonner, Stacey (Vanderbilt University, 2011-05-27)
  • Mills, Emma (Vanderbilt University, 2011-04-15)
  • Bonner, Stacey; Alexander, Lori L. (Vanderbilt University, 2011-04-01)
    Lori Alexander speak with Stacey Bonner about the opportunities Vanderbilt Student Athletics has to offer during the summer.
  • Clark, Ellen; Bradbury, Rebecca; McCutchen, Janet (Vanderbilt University, 2011-11-18)
    Ellen Clark, LCSW, Licensed Clinical Social Worker and WLC-EAP Counselor, and Rebecca Bradbury, EAP Intern, discuss the Three “F’s”: Finances, Food and Family, and how to prepare your children for the Holidays.
  • Mills, Emma; Bogard, Mark (Vanderbilt University, 2011-10-28)
    Ever come back from a concert with ringing in your ears? Do you crank up the volume on your iPod to drown out noise? In order to keep the rhythm going into your golden years, hearing conservation is a must now. Emma ...
  • Mills, Emma (Vanderbilt University, 2011-05-13)
    In recognition of Employee Health and Fitness Month, Emma Mills talks to one Vanderbilt Employee, Leah, who took the Couch to 5K challenge. Leah discusses the experience of running her first 5K, how training has impacted ...
  • Mills, Emma; Rolando, Lori; Traughber, Wilma (Vanderbilt University, 2011-12-02)
    Emma Mills speaks with Dr. Lori Rolando and Wilma Traughber, RN, about how to increase your daily activity in your workspace and how important it is to get moving! Wilma talks about an exciting pilot program to introduce ...
  • Kendrick, Stacey; Smith, Courtney; Kraynik, Sarah (Vanderbilt University, 2011-12-09)
    Stacey Kendrick talks with Vanderbilt Dietetic Interns Sarah Kraynik and Courtney Smith about eating heart smart. They discuss foods to focus on and how to make shopping on a budget and eating heart smart easy.
  • Topham, Ralph; Clark, Ellen; Dean, Stephanie (Vanderbilt University, 2011-07-01)
    Stephanie Dean, LPC, Assistant Manager of Work/Life Connections-EAP and Ellen Clark, LCSW, discuss the changes in family expectations, behaviors, interactions, rules and roles when the young adults return after being on their own.
  • Kendrick, Stacey; Smith, Lindsay; Lewis, Sarah (Vanderbilt University, 2011-06-17)
    Stacey Kendrick is joined by Dietetic Interns Lindsay Smith and Sarah Lewis to discuss some of the common pitfalls of the beverage we consume. Get suggestions for some healthier drink options and hear about the blind taste ...
  • Mills, Emma (Vanderbilt University, 2011-09-30)
  • Bonner, Stacey; Lawrence, Maggie (Vanderbilt University, 2011-06-24)
    Captain Maggie Lawrence of the Nashville Fire Department spoke with Stacey Bonner on staying safe while grilling.
  • Kendrick, Stacey; Hartmann, Katherine E. (Vanderbilt University, 2011-07-15)
    Stacey Kendrick speaks with Katherine Hartmann, MD, PhD, about why developing muscle is such a critical component to a healthy lifestyle. Dr Hartmann highlights the benefits of increasing muscle and some options for workouts.
  • Mills, Emma; Dauwalder, Elaine (Vanderbilt University, 2011-06-10)
    We’ve all had to take them at one time or another – but do we do it the right way? Emma Mills talks to Elaine Dauwalder, Nurse Practitioner at the Occupational Health Clinic about prescriptions for antibiotics, their side ...

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