The mission of the Vanderbilt Department of Biomedical informatics has complementary themes that include education, research, service, and a commitment to our colleagues in our own institution and around the world.

Educational mission:
To educate undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate trainees in the theory and practice of biomedical informatics;

Research and Service missions:
To develop and evaluate innovative technologies for the storage, retrieval, dissemination, and application of biomedical knowledge, in order to support clinical practice, biomedical research, life-long learning, and administration and as a result, to contribute to the professional body of knowledge in the field of biomedical informatics;

Professional and Ethical:
To maintain cooperation and collegiality with all those who learn and work with us locally, nationally, and internationally; and, to develop and disseminate ethical and professional standards for the conduct of biomedical informatics research and for the use and evaluation of health care informatics applications.

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