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    • Ruhl, J. B. (N.Y.U. Environmental Law Journal, 2008)
      Agriculture has long been the Rubik's Cube of environmental policy. Although agriculture is a leading cause of pollution and other environmental harms, it has been resistant to regulation and remarkably successful at ...
    • Ruhl, J. B. (Choices, 2008)
      Second in my series of articles on farming and environmental policy, this article examines farmland stewardship rhetoric in light of the reality of extensive agricultural exemptions from environmental regulation.
    • Ruhl, J. B.; Gregg, R. Juge (Stanford Envir4onmental Law Journal, 2001)
      This article argues that Section 404 of the Clean Water Act provides ample statutory authority for the Corps of Engineers and EPA to integrate ecosystem service values and impacts into wetlands impact and mitigation decisions.
    • Viscusi, W. Kip (Fordham Urban Law Journal, 2006)
      Should the benefits of risk and environmental regulations be monetized? For economists, this question is not controversial. Benefits of government policies have a value given by society's willingness to pay for these ...