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Keeping Up Pediatrics Part 2 2009

dc.contributor.authorSmith, Clay, MD, FACEP, FAAP
dc.contributor.authorMcMorrow, Sheila P.
dc.descriptionIncludes descriptive metadata provided by producer in M4A file: "OTH_ITUNESU_MC_KEEPINGUP - Archives - Monthly Episodes - Keeping Up Pediatrics Part 2 2009 - Vanderbilt University > From Vanderbilt University Medical Center."en
dc.description.abstractWe're back this month with more Peds EM articles. We cover articles on outpatient cardiac arrest outcomes, predicting ICU needs in bronchiolitis, morphine use in appendicitis, steroids for viral induced wheezing, meningitis and occult bacteremia in the Prevnar (PCV7) era, and an amusing cold remedy update that is sure to make you laugh as you learn the only thing "stronger than a mother's touch"... Vicks VapoRub! These are important articles that you need to know for your next PED shift.en
dc.description.sponsorshipVanderbilt Emergency Medicineen
dc.publisherVanderbilt Medical Center. Vanderbilt Emergency Medicineen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesKeeping Up with Emergency Medicineen
dc.subjectReview Literature as Topicen
dc.subject.lcshPediatric emergenciesen
dc.titleKeeping Up Pediatrics Part 2 2009en
dc.typeRecording, oralen

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