The Department of Political Science is a committed and diverse group of active scholars dedicated to teaching, research, and mentoring young scholars. Our faculty expertise spans American politics, comparative politics, international politics and political theory, with focuses in political behavior, political institutions, international conflict, and political philosophy.

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Recent Submissions

  • Castorena, Oscar; Lupu, Noam; Schade, Maita; Zechmeister, Elizabeth J. (Ps-political Science & Politics, 2023-01)
    Online surveys of public opinion are less expensive and faster to administer than other surveys. However, nonprobability online samples diverge from the gold standard of probabilistic sampling. Although scholars have ...
  • Geer, John Gray (Springer Verlag, 2002)
    The article is an introduction to ten essays which will comprise a three-part special issue of the periodical Political Behavior. The essays are about partisanship in American politics. Geer summarizes the essays' topics ...
  • Geer, John Gray (Oxford University Press, 1988)
    "Open-ended questions are frequently used by survey researchers to measure public opinion. Some scholars, however, have doubts about how accurately these kinds of questions measure the views of the public. A chief concern ...
  • Geer, John Gray (Springer Verlag, 1992)
    "As each presidential election passes into the history books, debate renews over the status of the New Deal Party System. This article addresses part of that debate by examining changes in the electorate's assessment of ...
  • Geer, John Gray (Oxford University Press, 1991)
    "Scholars have devoted a good deal of attention to studying changes in how the public evaluates the Democratic and Republican parties. However, there have been few attempts to examine the underlying components of the changes ...
  • Geer, John Gray (Oxford University Press, 1991)
    Closed-ended questions dominate most interview schedules. Yet the almost exclusive use of this form did not arise because open-ended questions, its major competitor, proved to be weak indicators of public opinion. Instead, ...
  • Geer, John Gray (Cambridge University Press, 1991)
    "With the advent of the public opinion poll, politicians began to have access to highly reliable information about the electorate's views on issues. Prior to this development, party leaders could only make educated guesses ...
  • Geer, John Gray (Cambridge University Press, 1986)
    "Many observers of American politics have been highly critical of the proliferation of primaries that occurred in the 1970s. One of the reasons given for this unfavorable assessment is that the direct primary cannot ...