About Andrés Zamora

    Dr. Andrés Zamora is an Associate Professor of Spanish in the Spanish and Portuguese Department at Vanderbilt University. Dr. Zamora has a Ph.D. from the University of Southern California and is the author of El doble silencio del eunuco. poéticas sexuales de la novela realista según Clarín . (1998 Madrid: Fundamentos).This collection contains publications self-archived by Dr. Zamora.

    Andrés Zamora specializes in nineteenth and twentieth-century Spanish Peninsular Literature, as well as Contemporary Literary Theory, with special interests in the narrative, ideological discourse and the general relationship between logos and history, word and action. He also works on Latin American literature and on the history and aesthetics of Spanish cinema.

    Published by Editorial Fundamentos, his book, El doble silencio del eunuco. poéticas sexuales de la novela realista según Clarín, is a study of the territory where two cultural idioms--the poetics of the novel and the sexual discourse of the times--metaphorically crisscross throughout the period known as Realism. Within the economy of his study, Clarín's critical and literary works, especially La Regenta and Su único hijo, act as points of departure in the task of tracing the sexual poetics of the Realist novel.

    Future research ventures include editing a book and exploring a collection of documents pertaining to the poetics of the nineteenth-century Spanish novel and a study of the literary inscriptions and ideological interpretations of the Escorial.

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