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Breaking the Silence: Siblings of Individuals with Disabilities Speak-Up About Their Support Needs

dc.contributor.authorNeff, Gillian
dc.description.abstractSibling relationships are important in that they can help predict the social-emotional development, understanding, and outcomes, and help shape the relationship between them. Due to these multi-facet predictors, it is critical that siblings of individual with disabilities feel supported from their childhood to their adult lives as they navigate the new responsibility and caretaking for their sibling with a disability. Unfortunately, research on siblings of individuals with disabilities is a lacking field of special education. There is a need for research to better understand and determine the unique needs of the sibling of individuals with disabilities. Therefore, the purpose of this study was to analyze the views of siblings on what could have been helpful to support them while growing up, through their childhood and teenage years. Through an online and paper survey siblings’ perspective were collected, and the views of 446 siblings of individuals with autism spectrum disorder, Down syndrome, and cerebral palsy were analyzed. A total of six themes were identified from the perspectives of these siblings. Findings suggest that most siblings felt they were ‘not adequately’ supported during childhood, and identified various supports as potentially beneficial, to them, their families, and their communities. Implications for future research and future practice are discussed.en_US
dc.subjectspecial educationen_US
dc.subjectsibling supporten_US
dc.subjectsiblings of individuals with disabilitiesen_US
dc.titleBreaking the Silence: Siblings of Individuals with Disabilities Speak-Up About Their Support Needsen_US

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