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Joining Forces

dc.contributor.authorGeorge, Tracey E.
dc.contributor.authorGuthrie, Chris
dc.identifier.citation52 Journal of Legal Education 559 (2002)en_US
dc.descriptionarticle published in a journal of legal scholarshipen_US
dc.description.abstractIn the absence of empirical evidence and in the face of conflicting intuitions, there is no way to assess the relevance of collaborative work to the development of law and legal scholarship. In this essay we seek to fill this gap in our legal intellectual history by assessing the role collaboration has played in the past, speculating about the role it will play in the fmture, and making recommendations about the role that the legal academy can play-and we believe should play-in facilitating collaboration. This essay, then, is part description, part prediction, and part prescription.en_US
dc.format.extent1 PDF (25 pages)en_US
dc.publisherJournal of Legal Educationen_US
dc.subjectlegal scholarshipen_US
dc.subjectacademic writingen_US
dc.subject.lcshlegal biographyen_US
dc.subject.lcshlegal historyen_US
dc.subject.lcshlegal writing and researchen_US
dc.titleJoining Forcesen_US
dc.title.alternativeThe Role of Collaboration in the Development of Legal Thoughten_US

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