Welcome to the Department of History digital archives. History has been an integral part of the undergraduate and graduate curriculum at Vanderbilt since the University was founded, in 1873. The first undergraduate students of the discipline immersed themselves in subjects as various as the Roman Empire, English constitutional history, the history of religion (including Islam), political economy, and contemporary American politics. Graduate study came early—in the 1880s—to Vanderbilt. Taught in weekly seminars, a new instructional form, students were expected to master the standard texts—in Ancient history and in legal history, for example—while the more advanced among them engaged in innovative research on such issues as the Civil War, local government in the South and Southwest, and the tariff, Henry George and socialism. Vanderbilt’s first PhD in history was awarded in 1899, one of only three awarded in the South before 1900. Notably, five of Vanderbilt’s first twenty-five PhD recipients were women. To access undergraduate honors research go to the Undergraduate Honors Research - History Department collection.

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    Digital archive collection of the Vanderbilt Historical Review, an undergraduate research journal in History.

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