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Identifying Characteristics of Successful Overseas Assignments at a Global Fortune 500

dc.contributor.authorKumbhari, Elizabeth
dc.descriptionLeadership and Learning in Organizations capstone project
dc.description.abstractMultinational corporations utilize global mobility to transfer knowledge within their organization, strengthen relationships across business units, and expand streamlined processes and best practices. Due to technological limitations for collaboration and the need for human-to-human contact, companies often look to overseas assignments as an alternative method to achieve business goals. This exploratory quality improvement capstone project analyzes quantitative data of a Global Fortune 500’s overseas assignment program. Featuring a comprehensive literature review and statistical analysis of assignment and employee characteristics between the years 2019-2021, trends were explored, and organizational suggestions proposed. Significant findings included: shorter overseas assignments had a high likelihood of success and some sending/ receiving locations at higher probabilities of assignment success.
dc.subjectGlobal mobility
dc.subjectOverseas assignments
dc.subjectInternational business
dc.subjectBusiness immigration
dc.titleIdentifying Characteristics of Successful Overseas Assignments at a Global Fortune 500

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