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Sustainability of News Broadcast Archives

dc.contributor.authorO'Neill, Jill
dc.descriptionPresented at the Sustaining Television News for the Next Generation Preservation Workshop, Nashville, Tennessee, March 8, 2018.en_US
dc.description.abstractThe 2017 Reuters Digital News Report found in its analysis of survey respondents in the United States that mobile devices were used with equal or slightly greater frequency as television for purposes of taking in news content. The Pew Research Institute had a similar finding in 2017. While true that the behavior is predominant among the younger demographic of those below 35 years of age, the shift is occurring across all age and income groups. Perhaps associated as a behavior is that use of mobile devices is just as apt to occur in personal home spaces (bedroom, bath, etc.) as in public spaces, such as when commuting.en_US
dc.subjectTelevision Newsen_US
dc.subjectOnline Newsen_US
dc.subjectMarket Factorsen_US
dc.subject.lcshBroadcast News Networksen_US
dc.titleSustainability of News Broadcast Archivesen_US

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