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Computational Tools for Topological CoHochschild Homology

dc.contributor.authorBohmann, Anna Marie
dc.contributor.authorGerhardt, Teena
dc.contributor.authorHogenhaven, Amalie
dc.contributor.authorShipley, Brooke
dc.contributor.authorZiegenhagen, Stephanie
dc.description.abstractIn recent work, Hess and Shipley defined a theory of topological coHochschild homology (coTHH) for coalgebras. In this paper we develop computational tools to study this new theory. In particular, we prove a Hochschild-Kostant-Rosenberg type theorem in the cofree case for differential graded coalgebras. We also develop a coB\"okstedt spectral sequence to compute the homology of coTHH for coalgebra spectra. We use a coalgebra structure on this spectral sequence to produce several computations.en_US
dc.subjectTopological CoHochschild Homologyen_US
dc.subjectK-Theory and Homologyen_US
dc.subjectAlgebraic Topologyen_US
dc.subject.lcshAlgebraic Topologyen_US
dc.titleComputational Tools for Topological CoHochschild Homologyen_US

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