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The Ghost of Liberalism Past

dc.contributor.authorSherry, Suzanna
dc.identifier.citation105 Harv. L. Rev. 918, (1992)en_US
dc.descriptiona book review article published in a law reviewen_US
dc.description.abstractWe the People is an ambitious book by one of our best constitutional theorists. Part one of a projected three-volume series, it aims at nothing less than a re-envisioning of American constitutional history and promises a new synthesis of law, politics, and history. Ackerman weaves an intriguing story about who we are and who we might be as a people. Unfortunately, Ackerman's tale fails to inspire, because it is mired in a fictional past and envisions a utopian future. In addition, the book ultimately raises more questions than it answers because it provides inadequate criteria to identify the moments in the past that have special constitutional importance.en_US
dc.format.extent1 PDF (19 pages)en_US
dc.publisherHarvard law Reviewen_US
dc.subject.lcshDiscourse analysis -- Political aspectsen_US
dc.titleThe Ghost of Liberalism Pasten_US

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