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Natural Disaster Risks: An Introduction

dc.contributor.authorViscusi, W. Kip
dc.identifier.citation33 Journal of Risk and Uncertainty 5 (2006)en_US
dc.descriptionpublished article regarding a national survey of disaster risk beliefs and the public's attitude toward relief effortsen_US
dc.description.abstractAn introduction to a special issue of the Journal of Risk and Uncertainty dealing with the implications of catastrophic events for research on risk and uncertainty. What are the consequences of natural disasters? How do individuals and firms respond to such disasters? How do insurers respond, and how should the government respond? Several of these papers will have a strong normative component as they will suggest what actions individuals, firms, and the government should take in anticipation of natural disasters.en_US
dc.format.extent1 PDF (15 pages)en_US
dc.publisherJournal of Risk and Uncertaintyen_US
dc.subject.lcshNatural disasters -- Risk assessmenten_US
dc.subject.lcshNatural disasters -- Government policy -- United Statesen_US
dc.subject.lcshDisaster reliefen_US
dc.subject.lcshDisaster insurance -- United Statesen_US
dc.subject.lcshEmergency managementen_US
dc.titleNatural Disaster Risks: An Introductionen_US

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