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Circumcision in the Ancient Near East

dc.contributor.authorSasson, Jack M.
dc.identifier.citationSasson, Jack M. "Circumcision in the Ancient Near East." Journal of Biblical Literature 85.4 (1966): 473-76.en_US
dc.descriptionIn this article, Professor Sasson argues that the practice of circumcision may not have passed from Egypt to the Israelites and the Phoenicians, but the opposite. He points to several factors which indicate that the practice may have traveled from northern Syria southward and to Egypt.en_US
dc.publisherSociety of Biblical Literatureen_US
dc.subject.lcshCircumcision -- Religious aspects -- Judaismen_US
dc.subject.lcshCircumcision -- Historyen_US
dc.titleCircumcision in the Ancient Near Easten_US
dc.description.schoolDivinity Schoolen_US

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