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Abuse or domestic violence: Early warning signs.

dc.contributor.authorGale, Margie
dc.contributor.authorTopham, Ralph
dc.descriptionIncludes descriptive metadata provided by producer MP3 file: "VU Faculty and Staff Health & Wellness - Podcasts - Abuse or domestic violence: Early warning signs." Artist is Glen Harness; composer is Vanderbilt University. Ralph Topham talks with Margie Gale, RN, MSN, CEAP and Nurse Wellness Program Specialist about the behaviors which might indicate problems within a relationship. She discusses the early warning behaviors that might indicate a potential for domestic violence, such as invasion of personal boundaries, jealousy or other excessive emotion, and threats.en
dc.publisherVanderbilt University. Human Resourcesen
dc.relation.ispartofseriesVanderbilt University Faculty and Staff Health and Wellnessen
dc.subject.lcshWomen -- Violence againsten
dc.subject.lcshFamily violenceen
dc.titleAbuse or domestic violence: Early warning signs.en
dc.typeRecording, oralen

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