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Chronic Pain and Anxiety in Children: Physiological and Emotional Factors in Stress Responses

dc.contributor.advisorCompas, Bruce E.
dc.contributor.advisorDufton, Lynette Marie
dc.contributor.authorJackson, Madeleine E.
dc.descriptionPowerpoint poster "Stress responses in children with chronic pain and anxiety" by Madeleine Jackson, Lynette Dufton, Bruce E. Compas accompanies thesis dated April 2007. Winner, Jum C. Nunnally Honors Thesis Award (the A&S thesis award)en
dc.description.abstractCollege of Arts & Science
dc.description.abstractThe current study examined physiological and emotional factors in stress responses of 21 children with recurrent abdominal pain (RAP), 21 children with anxiety disorders, and 21 gender- and age-matched healthy controls. Children's heart rates were monitored as they performed two psychological stress tasks and one physical stress task. Pain intensity and tolerance were measured during the cold pressor task. Parents and children completed questionnaires to assess children's psychological and somatic symptoms and responses to social stress. Findings indicate that children with RAP and anxious children report different levels of stress reactivity and provide different pain assessments of the cold pressor task. Findings also demonstrate a positive association between physiological stress reactivity and self-reported stress reactivity and psychological symptoms. Psychological and somatic symptoms were incrementally accounted for by physiological and self-reported stress reactivity.en
dc.description.sponsorshipThesis completed in partial fulfillment of the requirements of the Honors Program in Psychological Sciences Under the Direction of Professor Bruce E. Compas, Ph.D.en
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dc.publisherVanderbilt University
dc.subjectStress responseen
dc.subjectChronic painen
dc.subjectPhysiological reactivityen
dc.subjectRecurrent abdominal painen
dc.subjectStress reactivityen
dc.subjectPain perceptionen
dc.subjectAbdominal pain in childrenen
dc.subjectStress in childrenen
dc.subjectAnxiety in childrenen
dc.subjectPain in childrenen
dc.titleChronic Pain and Anxiety in Children: Physiological and Emotional Factors in Stress Responsesen
dc.title.alternativeStress responses in children with chronic pain and anxietyen
dc.description.collegeCollege of Arts & Science
dc.description.departmentPsychological Sciences

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